Monday, September 26, 2011

Text Time 18

Mim: G's are expensive...

Me: My back is killing me. I think a quesadilla would cure me.
Kwiddens: I think cake, chips, ice cream, pizza, etc. would help me!

Em: I wish there were a degree in calling other people stupid.
Me: That would be EPIC.
Em: I could have a doctorate in six years easily.
Me: Way more quickly than that, I think!
Em: No kidding.

Me: Thanks for calling in that scrip for me. My bladder sincerely thanks you!
Dad: No, I was just commenting on the appearance of your cats, wondering how they possibly ended up that way.
Me: I am SO confused.
Dad: Sorry, wrong person. In the middle of some friendly flaming.
Me: Okay, well, thanks for the antibiotics! :)

Me: What do you want to name your new computer?
Coworker For Whom Scott Built A New Computer: Computer, I don't care. Or Optimus.
Me: ...Optimus Prime? :)
C.F.W.S.B.A.N.C.: Yeah, then maybe it will come alive.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Gs are expensive! THAT IS CLASSIC!

I'd definitely go with Optimus Prime. I mean, if you name it Megatron it's just going to cause problems in the end and try to take over the world.