Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fiber Fair FTW (And Something For Mim)

So a few weeks back I mentioned going to the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair with a yarny friend. I never really posted about it!

We headed down to Salt Lake in the morning and walked only about an hour. It was MUCH smaller than we thought it was going to be, and aimed more at spinners than knitters. There was some yarn, however. Some very pretty yarn!

I picked up this skein of handspun mohair with a bit of something sparkly in it:

It's only 87 yards, so my options for its use are limited, but I Could. Not. Resist. The. Shiny. (This picture sucks. I took it in the middle of the night.)

I also picked this up:

This picture also sucks, for the same reason. But it's a mixture of berry and pink and a teeny bit of blue. It's Mini Mochi, which I've used before (Thanksgiving Socks) and LOVED.

Now, this was a few weeks ago, remember.

The latest issue of Knitty Magazine just barely came out, and there's a sweater in it that calls for this exact yarn (well, in a different color, but I always pick my own colors anyway) and it screams "MIM!" (I think you'll agree). It's safe to post about it here because Mim never has time to read my blog, so she'll still be surprised if I show you all!

It's the Tenney Park sweater. It has something I've never tried before, which is Entrelac, which is the kind of stitching on the front panel. It looks wicked hard, but it's actually pretty easy (based on a tutorial I found online) so I think it'll be okay. The rest of the sweater is a piece of cake.

So it turns out it was awesome of me to buy that yarn when I did, and I didn't even know it!


So after the fair my friend and her sister and I went to Olive Garden for lunch, and it was amazing and delicious.

Aside: A week before, I had gotten hit with another UTI (Apparently there are gremlins living inside my bladder). It was the worst one I've ever had. I went to the doctor and got the antibiotics I needed and lots of Azo, and it was bad enough she even prescribed me painkillers. Yeah. THAT BAD. But, as usual, I gave it a few days and I was good as new. Or so I thought...

Back to Olive Garden: So there we were, enjoying our tasties with lots of delicious cheese, when I felt the call of nature. Okay, no big deal. I excused myself from the table and slipped into the ladies' room, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW I ALMOST DIED. It was so sudden. I went back to the table and I was desperately hoping I could get through lunch and just go home right after, but I couldn't even make it five minutes before I started convulsing from the pain (okay, slight exaggeration, but the pain was substantial). 

I had to call Scott to come pick me up at the restaurant and leave some cash so my friends could pay for my food. I was really embarrassed. I mean, I shouldn't have been; everyone has a bladder, after all.  BUT STILL.

I got home, and at that point I decided to try to take Azo and drink five gallons of water and see if that helped, but it didn't. Mim was planning on bringing Jorg up to do some work, so when she got there I was thinking of having her take me to the doctor again, but it was like 6:00 pm. on a Saturday and my only option would have been the ER (ginormous copay...), so Mim (angel) called Dad and asked him to call in a scrip for another antibiotic for me. And he did. And it went away for real that time.

It was a crazy sort of day.

But at least I got some awesome string. And at least I got to pet a llama:

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ugh, those. are. the. WORST. i got a bad one the saturday before the bar exam last summer. not only did i have to ration the pain meds so that i could have them for the test, just in case, but the doctor decided that she knew exactly what caused it.

she said, and i quote, "yep - UTI. you must've had some REALLY good sex last night!"

GAAAAAH. not what you want to hear at 9AM on a saturday morning in the urgent-care clinic...