Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three Layers? Really?!

These pictures are somewhat out of order. Just a few more little things about our ongoing kitchen renovation.

When we pulled up the linoleum to replace that section of subfloor a few weeks ago, we had found a bit of water damage. In order to make sure we didn't have any water damage anywhere else in the kitchen, we pulled up the rest of the linoleum and took a peek behind and under cabinets and appliances.

We found this:

It looks pretty bad, yes?

Well, it wasn't! It turned out to be just a surface stain, so we didn't have to replace any more subfloor. I call that a win!

When we pulled out the hood over the stove we were surprised to find it wired into the wall instead of plugged into an outlet, but the most surprising part was that instead of cutting a nice hole in the drywall, they had just knocked a little hole in the wall and yanked the wires out:

We continue to realize that our house was built by Special People.

Here's Scott attaching corner bead (I told you these were out of order...):

And here's the back door, looking more and more like a door instead of just a hole in the house where we stuffed a door. This has since been mudded over and the boys are, in fact, almost done so I can jump in and start painting:

And a picture of the pulling up of the linoleum:

They had put a new layer of linoleum over the old one, and in a few places we actually found a third layer of linoleum... Oh well, it's all gone now. We just have subfloor now, so we pulled a few carpet scraps we had lying around in the basement and spread them over the kitchen floor so we wouldn't be walking on bare wood.

Oh, and P.S. We ordered the countertops, and we were lucky that we went in when we did because they had a special: free edging upgrade, so we saved about $500!


magnolia said...

i continue to bow to your FAR superior practical skills. that's intensely impressive.

Anna W said...

You mean SCOTT'S skills? Yes, I do that daily! I'm not nearly as useful as he is, although I am completely in charge of painting. :)