Monday, October 25, 2010

At Least It's Progress

So we have, for a few weeks, been working on our Halloween prep. As you know, Halloween is our favorite holiday and really, the only one we do much for (at Christmas I do put up a tree and some icicle lights over the garage, but that's about it).

Last year we had a few tombstones in our front yard and a fog machine blowing fog over them. Unfortunately, it was just one of those cheap 400 watt fog machines (only about 1500 cubic feet per minute or cfu), and the tiniest breeze would come along and it would all just blow away. Boring.

So this year we decided to try something more. When the fog comes out of the machine it is pretty warm so it floats upward automatically. If you want it to creep along the ground, it needs to be cooled. There are fog machines with built-in coolers, but they're way more expensive, so we decided to go to Home Depot (surprise, surprise) and make one ourselves. First up we got a bin (black so it wouldn't show well at night) and some dryer ducting, and coiled the ducting up inside the bin.

Then we cut a hole on the left side and the front side (look at the picture below) and attached the ducting with duct tape. Then the fogger went into one end and the fog came out the other side.

Then, we took an irrigation tube and attached that to the "out" end of the ducting.

When the fogger was hooked up, the fog came out all the little holes in the irrigation tube and, theoretically, would spread out all over the graveyard and not just in one direction.

We took it outside to give it a little test run. Into the bin we put ice (about four bags, I think):

We made sure all the ducting was completely covered:

Then we got everything assembled and let it cool for a while before we turned it on:

We turned it on and we were so excited to see it work...and it barely seeped out over the grass. There just wasn't enough fog coming out of the holes in the irrigation tube. I took a picture but Blogger just deleted it and I'm at work so I don't have a copy. Sad. Anyway, let's just say it wasn't exactly awe-inspiring.

We tried to rectify the situation by widening the holes, and that actually helped quite a bit, but it still wasn't that much fog, so we had to brainstorm. The nice thing was that the chilling mechanism was actually working great; the fog was staying low to the ground.

So we decided to buy a more powerful fogger. Two, actually: one for each end of our brilliant apparatus (the other end of the irrigation tube was easy to open up) (we had capped it). So I went around town and looked for a 700 watt machine, which is the next step up. Last year Target had them, but this year they didn't. I went to Wal-Mart, Shopko, K-Mart, and even the Halloween Spirit store in the mall, but no luck. So I got online and started looking. I found several sites that had them for about $40, but the shipping was RIDICULOUS. Like, as expensive as the machines themselves kind of ridiculous. So, I was just going to give up when my dear Scott convinced me that since Halloween was our favorite holiday, and we keep good care of our stuff, and it would last for years and years, we should just buy one really freaking awesome fog machine and use it. So I got online, and Best Buy had a fogger that is 1200 watts (!), and the output was 7000 cfm (four times as much as our little baby foggers) and it was $150 with free shipping (but only $6 if we wanted it rushed) (and of course we did) (it'll be here by tomorrow at the latest).

Tune in next time (or maybe the time after that; I have other things to post about) for a story about how we built a coffin in our front yard!


The Miguel Family said...

So fun! I need to get more halloween spirit. I am carving pumpkins tonight so I guess that counts for something. So I love that you always comment on my blog. It makes me feel happy. So I am going to comment on your blog more. Happiness all around! Have a great day friend!

Anna W said...

You too, pretty lady!

magnolia said...

i'll have to tell you all about the magnum opus halloween that the man's roommate is planning. we're calling it his "citizen kane." sigh...

Anna W said...

Ooh, do tell! You sigh as if this is a *bad* thing...

Kim said...

You guys are so damn crafty! I'd never have the cleverness to do all of that.

Anna W said...

You can find a video on YouTube and learn to do ANYTHING! It's amazing :)