Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sub Floor Saturday!

This past weekend we got a lot of work done in the kitchen in preparation for the new cabinets that will arrive next month. I briefly mentioned it before, but now you get to see the pictures!

This is the section of floor where the pantry closet used to be.

There was an air return in the other side of the wall behind it, and there are several holes where electrical wires had been threaded. When we put the new flooring down we are going to need as perfect a sub floor as we can get, so we decided to replace a section of it. It's a good thing, too, because there was a bit of water damage we didn't even know about!

The first step was to rip up the old linoleum (yuck!) and what do you know, there was more, even uglier linoleum underneath it!

After that we started pulling up sub floor. When we're ripping the guts out of this house, we always come across something weird the builders did that makes us think they didn't get it's Scott, with an incredulous look on his face because OH LOOK, THEY USED PEGBOARD INSTEAD OF SUB FLOOR. Idiots.

Once we got the giant hole torn out of our floor (and Scott was being goofy and stuck his head up through from the basement), we were able to start putting in new sub floor.

Scott is enjoying a well-needed break.

And, tada, the finished sub floor:

The end. Well, not really. But that's all we got done on Saturday.

And by we I mean Scott and Jon. I wasn't very useful most of the time.


Kim said...

You guys and your home improvements amaze me.

Knight Rider said...

You helped by getting tools and soda for me.

magnolia said...

pegboard? good LORD, even i know that's wrong. the fun things you discover...

Anna W said...

Kim-I'm glad we amaze

Scott-I sat on my butt and read LotR most of the time...but thanks for loving me anyway :)

magnolia-We found this other spot where the joists weren't evenly spaced, and to make up for it the builders had stuck in random extra pieces of wood here and there. Totally stupid.