Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Whole Family

So this weekend I went down to Mim's house to hang, and Kwiddens drove down there as well. I had a lot of fun, since it's been a while since I've been with the whole family.

Friday I got off work at 1:00, which was further proof that I'm INVINCIBLE SUPERCHEMIST because I completed my work and a large chunk of my coworker's (he had the day off to hang with his family). I went to the mall and bought my new phone (Samsung Rogue, LOVE IT) and get its screen in protective film. This took a long time for whatever reason, and by 4:30 I was on the road. I got into Orem at about 6:00 and got a table for Mim and myself, and Mim got there and we ate tasty food and talked about lots and lots of things, which we haven't been able to do in a while, so it was really awesome. Right after we paid, Kwiddens called and said she had made it into town, so we all went to Cold Stone and got ice cream, and Mim thought it was gross. Because she's crazy. I have to admit, though, that the ice cream there has a different texture, and that was what she didn't like about it. Oh well. So I headed down to the house, and they had some errands to run, and came later, and we stayed up late talking and joking and just having fun.

Saturday I woke up and took a long relaxing shower and then Mim and I went to the Math Lab at UVU to tutor some of her students and she let me write the test for one of her classes. Once I finished, she looked it over and as she was reading it she got this evil grin on her face...yes, I made it tricksy. Kwiddens was supposed to meet with us, but she got stuck in traffic for like two hours because of traffic for the Festival of Colors at the Hari Krishna temple near Spanish Fork. So eventually she got through it and we met in Provo and ate at Los Hermanos, which was a little disappointing and the service was SO SLOW, but they had absolutely amazing strawberry lemonade so it was ok. This past week I've been feeling sick every time I eat, so I just went back to Mim's while they went to the mall. Once we were all home we all went and hung out in Mim's bathroom while we did each other's hair (her bathroom is huge so it's super awesome).

So my panels that were bright red last time had faded so they're fuchsia now.
Ignore the messy hair, I had just washed it and you know I can't be bothered to dry it.

Anyway, so after that it was pretty late and I drove home and went to sleep.

Today I pretty much slept all day...I felt like I had been drugged I was so tired. Anyway, now I'm watching Stargate and trying to decide whether I should work on Kwiddens's baby blanket. I'm feeling particularly lazy today (as demonstrated by sleeping all day).

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Kim said...

lazy days are the best...i hope you soaked up the television rays. :)