Friday, March 19, 2010

A Medicine Adventure!

So, once upon a time Anna was on a medicine that helped with her mood swings. She went on it a little while after she got married, and things were more hectic then than they are now, so her doctor thought she should try to see if she could go off this medicine (it can cause blood sugar problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.)(it's on the list of the top ten drugs that can kill you).

So Friday night she didn't take this medicine, and watched all weekend to see how she felt. Saturday and Sunday she felt just fine, but when she woke up Monday morning she was shaking all over and achy and generally miserable and had to call in sick. Boo.

Tuesday the shaking was gone, but she wasn't sleeping well and when she did get to sleep she was having terrible nightmares every single night and would wake up screaming and messing with her hair (because usually the dreams were about spiders in her hair).

She also noticed that she was more irritable and moody, and that poor Scott was avoiding her a bit.

So, she decided that it was worth the risk and she took the medicine again last night. She slept better than she had all week, had no nightmares, and was in a fabulous mood all day long.

The end.

Ok really though, it was a miserable week for me. So many little things that normally wouldn't have bothered me were driving me freaking insane, and I was feeling anxious about it. I wasn't sleeping, so every single morning I had to fight with myself just to get out of bed and I felt groggy and achy all day.

I had blood work done this week and they haven't called me, so I assume everything is still normal, so I am not concerned about the health effects, especially now that I have lost weight and am eating better. So, I'm back on it. And that's that.

Also, it's FRIDAY.

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Kim said...

I'm glad you went back on the meds. Sometimes the side effects are worth it.