Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Silly Rabbit...

So I was at work today, bored, making a sock (as usual), and I started thinking.

I made myself Chef Boyardee ravioli for lunch. I love the stuff. And Pop-Tarts. And Lunchables. And Kool-Aid. I love kid food!

I was wondering why, and I think I realized that the things I love eating are based in childhood experiences. When I was growing up my family was so dirt poor that sometimes Mim went without food to make sure Kwiddens and I ate. Really freaking poor. We lived on beans and rice and the cheapest canned vegetables and fruits. We never had cereal for breakfast because it was too expensive, so we ate oatmeal or Malt-O-Meal or grits (yummy!) or cracked wheat (and whoever invented that, THANKS A LOT THAT WAS NASTY AND MIM MADE ME EAT IT ALL).

All that is a long way of saying we rarely ever got kid food. I got it occasionally over at friends' houses, but at home, not so much.

So, once I grew up and had control over my finances and eating habits, I fell in love with the foods I could never have growing up. During my senior year of college I was too busy to bother cooking, so I almost always ate on campus, and that meant from the vending machines in the basement of the chemistry building (since going to the food court would involve actually walking over there...). I was usually pretty reasonable and ate a ham sandwich and an apple, but I have to admit that my favorite meal was (and I kid you not) BYU Cookies 'n' Cream flavored milk and Hostess mini chocolate donuts. And I was skinnier than I am now. Go figure.

(I'm not actually proud of the way I ate, just so you know)

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