Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Text Time 1

So this is the first installment of funny text messages/conversations that I have with my family and friends. Mostly my family. Chances are, my family is just going to keep getting funnier, so hopefully this will be something I can post often!

Mim: Will you make some hydrogen sulfide for me?
Me: Who are you trying to kill?
Mim: WHOM am I trying to kill...
Me: Shut up. So whom?
Mim: No one. Need for a friend who needs to do a comparison thing.
Me: Let some eggs rot. You'll have some in about a month. Maybe faster if you leave them out in the sun.
Mim: I'm just gonna tell him you said no.

Kwiddens: Is it bad that when I see a guy in the airport screaming "Sell! Sell! Sell!" into his cell phone I think he's faking?

Kwiddens: Isaac's mom was eating an avocado and Avogadro's number popped into my head.
Mim: So what do you suppose is a mole of avocados?!

Kwiddens: Isaac found my old ring!
Me: Where was it??
Kwiddens: In Nyah's room
Me: Isn't that your uterus? How did it get in there?
Kwiddens: Haha no the room where the guns used to be

Me: Buster just tried to eat a Schnauzer
Mim: Hors d'ouvres!


Kim said...

Good ol' Buster trying to be the dominant dog he is!

magnolia said...

ha! love it. it's like texts from last night, only without the whole "i fear for the future of our nation" sensation. :)