Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Second Sock...itis

It's a disease. I made the first sock in two days and I was just chugging along and now I'm on the second and it seems to be going SO SLOW. I want to skip to something else, but I don't really feel like starting something new and I don't feel like weaving in the ends on my sweater so I am stuck making the sock. As long as I get a little done every day I won't mind.

Kirk and Angie got the baby blanket I made them in the mail and they said they like it :)

I was going to go spend the weekend at Mim's, but I think I changed my mind. Jorg has pink eye (stupid parents let their kids go to school with infectious diseases, boo) and Em is out of town for an orchestra thing (she gets to go play in Vegas, no fair!) and Mim doesn't know if she would have to work or not, so our weekend will be indefinitely postponed, since next weekend will be the weekend Scott and I start hCG again so we will need to be in the house every day since the injections aren't exactly portable. So there will be three and a half weeks where we're tied to the house, then maybe I will go spend some time there. I want to hang out with everyone, but if two of them aren't going to be there and one is sick (and since I get sick so easily I'm not risking it) I might as well have another relaxing weekend in the house.

This past weekend we saw Monsters vs. Aliens, and we were so impressed at how cute it was! They're making such good movies that are good for whole families to see, which makes me happy. We also went to Olive Garden, which we haven't for a while, and it was pretty good but I was surprised and a bit appalled at some person that came in in her ratty pajamas (!) and gross, uncombed hair. Now, I understand that sometimes you're tired and/or sick and/or overwhelmed with whatever, and sometimes you're in your grubby clothes and you need to run to the store to get something or other. That's one thing. But it's entirely something else to go to a semi-nice restaurant dressed like you've had the flu for a week. Gross. I felt kinda bad because I couldn't stop staring at her, like I just couldn't believe it.

I am reading Vanity Fair and I like parts of it and parts of it drag on and on and for the first time in my life I am tempted to just not finish it. I'm never like that. It drives me NUTS to not know the ending of a book, but I tell you what, this one is almost unbearable. But, I am also reading The Jungle, and loving every word of it, although the whole thing is just sad and tragic.

My tummy hurts.

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