Thursday, April 23, 2009

Junk Food = Love, Knit Lace = HATE

So you know whenever I talk about my instrument at work it means it's broken...ha.
Not bad broken, just giving me error messages and taking SIXTY tries to get it to start up...yeah that's all. Richard is coming over in the morning. We'll have a grand old time fixing it.

I have been uber-tired lately. It's the hormone. It makes me feel very energetic during the day but as soon as I have a chance to sit down after work I get sleepy and take a nap...oh naps, how I love thee...

I started a pair of socks. I was using pale pink yarn. I started with this:

I got this far: I don't remember at this point what was wrong, but I did something fatal and had to frog, so then it was this: Then I decided to start the red socks. The reason I wanted to do pink first was because I have never knitted lace yet and I wanted to do a test run with yarn for my own socks so it would be perfect. Well, apparently I can't knit lace, and don't have the patience to try harder, so these socks turned into straight stockingette. I got almost done when I had a brain wave and decided to try them on-Mim and I have the same size feet. Guess what? TOO SMALL. Yep.So I started over again...sigh. I am in the middle of the foot now. I want to start another project just to get away from the freaking socks. But they're so fun to knit, I don't want to knit anything else. It's confusing.

So when Mim was in Vegas she ate junk for four days and gained some weight, but lost it all within two days. So on Sunday I decided that I have enough hormone to take a few extra days, so I ate normally on Sunday, figuring I would gain a bit and then lose it the next day. Yeah, I ate a pint of Hagen Daas and gained nothing at all. But, two days on the diet again and I was gaining. Delayed weight gain...probably has a lot to do with hormones and water retention, because I still fit into my skinny jeans (I'm so excited that I'm going to have to go buy new SMALL jeans when I'm done here!). Then, I forgot to take my meds for like four days in a row (I feel dumb, I never forget!) and I was feeling tired and achy and awful so I ate normally again on Wednesday and gained a pound. I took my meds as soon as I got home yesterday and made sure I remembered to take them this morning so I should return to normal soon and weight loss should resume. Then I think I will not cheat until May 2, when I'm going down to Mim's and we're going to get our hair done and make a day out of it.

TGIF tomorrow. Halle-freaking-luiah.

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