Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's ALL Been On Sale

I'm sure you've been wondering what in the hell we spent $5,500 on the other day. $20 was, of course, the blinds for the back door. So good!

So what else did we do? We ordered new blinds for every window in the house (except those in the basement, since that won't be finished for quite a while). They're similar to what we have now, white faux wood slats, but they're a little nicer, and there's a beautiful semicircular one for the window in our master bedroom (which will make sleeping in on the weekends in our east-facing room a LOT easier). Awesome for us: custom window treatments were all 15% off this week. We win again!

Next we ordered carpet and installation for the two upstairs bedrooms and the blue room (the den). They're coming to take measurements this coming Saturday, and then it'll be supposedly seven to ten days before we can get it installed. We're crossing our fingers it can happen on the fast side of that estimate.

Last, but definitely not least, we ordered the rest of the appliances for the kitchen! We got the refrigerator, microwave, and stove/oven. They're all stainless steel, the same models that go with our dishwasher. They'll be delivered on Saturday. The best part? They were on sale, too, so we got $350 off our entire appliance order. They're all going to match!

With these two bits on sale, almost everything we've ever gotten from Home Depot has been on sale right when we were ready to order it. We LOVE Home Depot. Seriously. When we ordered the materials for the deck, the Trex was on sale. When we ordered the kitchen cabinets, they were on sale. Countertops, same thing. And now, appliances and blinds! The only thing we've paid full price for was the carpet.

Now we just need to sell the old appliances. They all work, so we should be able to get a bit of cash out of them and put it toward this rather large purchase.


Knight Rider said...

The carpet did come with free installation ... that counts, right?

kim said...

I never used to be a huge Home Depot fan until they gave Stiggy's Dogs two amazing grants for work on the Sanctuary ALONG WITH the manpower to do it all.