Thursday, June 28, 2012

Diameter Vs. Radius

One of the things we did when we were working on the house recently was to order new blinds for the entire house. The girl at Home Depot that ordered them for us did a few of them wrong (apparently the difference between diameter and radius was completely lost on her)...but fortunately, Home Depot is always totally willing to fix any mistakes, so aside from a little inconvenience, it was a pretty easy process.

Since for the most part they look the same as the old ones (but not chewed on, thanks BUSTER), I won't post pictures, but the one that I love the most we didn't have before, and that's the one for the semicircular window in our bedroom.

Scott, of course, installed it himself:

Here's a picture of the whole window:

It's a little difficult to see, since it was backlit, but trust me, it's gorgeous. Here's how it looks closed:

So that's my favorite new blind. Now, with it closed, I'll actually be able to sleep in without the light waking me up!

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kim said...

I always wondered what people did with those half moon windows!