Saturday, June 2, 2012

Converting Dr. Pepper To Green Smoothies!

Scott loves Netflix. It's some of the best couple of bucks we spend each month, in my opinion. Scott goes to sleep much later than I do, but he doesn't want to wake me when he comes up to bed, so he gets in bed at the same time I do, and while I sleep he watches videos for a while every night until he gets tired. He learns a lot from videos; it's how he learned how to build our deck, paint his Mustang, install the water softener...seriously. You name it, he can learn it from videos.

Recently, he watched a documentary on Netflix about a dude who went on a juice fast and lost like 60 pounds and got really healthy. Now, we aren't nuts (well, I am, technically, but I digress...), so we're not going to go on an entire juice fast, but we thought we'd try to replace a meal almost every day with a fruit and vegetable smoothie.

So we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and got a Ninja. I like it because Ninjas are badass, and therefore our smoothies will be badass.

We've been trying different combinations of fruits and vegetables to put into these smoothies, and they only take about five minutes to make, so I've been making one for breakfast and drinking it on the commute to work. The Ninja (heh, the name just kinda makes me giggle) came with three small smoothie cups that just fit right onto the blending unit, and also a really big one for food processing and such. It's supposedly strong enough to make cookie dough, but that hasn't been tested yet. Anyway, the smoothie cups have to-go lids, which is really nice, and it's all dishwasher-able, and since I am the laziest housekeeper alive, that's totally awesome.

So, since I was especially unhealthy for breakfast and lunch (oops), I made myself a smoothie for dinner. Mandarin oranges, grapes, spinach, vanilla yogurt, and a bit of ice made a delicious smoothie!

It looks pretty unappetizing, since the spinach makes it all green, and the texture is weird-looking...

But it tastes great! The legends are true; you can't taste the spinach!

We've had fun shopping for smoothie ingredients, too. We're dorky in that we like grocery shopping together...but we like doing most things together anyway. 

I'm considering taking some of my iced coffee and making a coffee-banana smoothie. We also picked up some peaches and kiwi today, so we'll see how that goes.

Also, I'm giving up soda. I've been Dr. Pepper-free for five days. Wish me luck!


Knight Rider said...

I have been dr.pepper free for about an hour

Sawyer said...

When I saw the picture of your Ninja, the first thing that came to my mind was: I didn't know they made white Ninja's.
After I thought of it for a second the different implications I had to laugh... and of course tell YOU! Good luck with the smoothies!