Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow, This Is Fun!

So I had my surgery yesterday. It wasn't so bad, really, I was asleep the whole time and everything was numb when I woke up. But let me tell you, it sure hurts today!
Here's my hand:
I really wanted to get a picture of the stitches but I suppose that will have to wait until next Friday when they take this cast off.

My company was super sweet and had flowers delivered to my house:
Also, some women in my neighborhood have brought some meals by for me and Scott, which is just amazing and super sweet of them and helped a ton.

Now I hadn't thoroughly considered how much help I would need. I keep trying to do things only to get frustrated and have to ask for help. Scott has had to brush my hair, help me put clothes on, get me food, help me eat the food, get me drinks, open my bottles of water and medicine, scratch my back, fill up my ice pack, the list goes on and on and HOLY COW am I lucky to have him around. He just had to help me take a shower. I know we're married and he's seen it all, but it's still really weird to have someone else scrub you! He had to help me wrap up my arm in plastic bags and plastic wrap and packing tape:
See that smile? That's the narcotic pain meds smile. Oh yeah. And see my super awesome plastic stump.

At least I can use my lappie by myself. Although Scott had to plug it in for me. Ha.

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perfectlycursedlife said...

It's a damn good thing you have him around.

Get well soon!