Friday, February 20, 2009

Crochet Blogs

It has occured to me that I don't post enough. It isn't that I don't have anything to write about...there's enough drama in my life and at the very least the weird dreams I have every night, and I'm always crocheting and making new things...I think the problem is that I love posting with pictures, and I don't have a camera except on my phone. I have a Chocolate, so the cable to hook it up to the computer is expensive. So, instead, I text all my pics to my e-mail account, since I have 500 per month and I almost never use all of them. Then, I like to download them from my e-mail to my desktop at home so I have them all in one place. So far, no problem. Except I have been increasingly using Scott's lappie on the couch and I almost never get on my desktop, except to add new music to my collection and update my Zune and, of course, blog with pictures. Since I don't get new music all that often (Christmas, birthday, etc., and when a new Tori or Enya album comes out) I'm not up there anyway that often, so it just doesn't get done. Depressing. I like writing and keeping a photo journal, I'm just a lazy bum.

So I'm at work...turns out it's more of a pain to get pictures off e-mail onto the work computer. But, after my hard work, I present a new pic of puppy.
He's begging for tuna. When he's good or refuses to eat we cover his food in tuna and it tricks him into eating it. When he begs he gets that look. You know, why don't you love me? If you loved me you would give me people food. We think that before we got him he must have been a table scraps dog, because we can't make anything for ourselves without Buster following us around the kitchen with that look on his face.

You should see him frolic in the snow. It's so cute. He boings like a rabbit and then dives into it nose first. He runs around a path in the yard he made himself through the snow, then bounces right off it and grabs a mouthful of snow. Very cute.

Anyway, the reason I want to blog more is that I've been reading crochet blogs. There are people out there who crochet and/or knit as much as I do or more, and they blog about their projects, and they're really fun to read. And I have to have something to do on my downtime at work!

My diet is going really well. As of this morning I have lost 24 pounds! I can fit into my old jeans, except for zipping them up :) It's getting hard not being able to eat the stuff everyone else is eating, but I'm like a week and a half away from moving on to the next phase. In the next phase I can eat anything except starches and sugar, and that includes bacon! As much as I want. I do that for three weeks then gradually add carbs in over the next three weeks and then I can do another course if I want. I think I will do another, just the 23 day course, and lose the last 20 pounds, and then I'll be hot. And healthy, too!

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