Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crochet Bag

So, the crochet hooks I have are mostly from when I started, a.k.a. about 15 years. They're so tired...all chipped and sad. So, I went online and found a great deal on a package with LOTS of sizes...like 15 hooks or something, all for ten bucks plus shipping. Here's the fun part: They came in a pretty bag!!! Here it is:It's so hokey and tacky, but for some reason I love it.

Also, Scott has been so awesome for Valentine's and my upcoming birthday. I got two necklaces and lots of music and movies I've been wanting :) Here are my necklaces:The blurry one is a snowflake with real diamonds. It's my new precious.

Other than that, life is pretty normal. Family drama continues, and with these pregnancy hormones I'm beside myself with emotions. I feel like I'm completely out of control. Only 5 injections or so to go, and then no more hormones, and then I will resolve once and for all to never get pregnant. EVER.

On the plus side, I've lost 26 pounds! I'm hot.

So, the library in Clearfield super sucks. I got so spoiled in Sioux Falls with a huge library just a mile away. This one is like ten miles or something away from my house, and it's so tiny. I just finished reading and/or rereading all the books in my house, and now I need more so I can have something to do at work while my stuff is reacting or being run on the instrument. So, I went online and found a list of classic literature that everyone should read, and printed it off and headed for the library after work yesterday. And what do you know: they don't have most of those books. I heard that the Bountiful library is much much better, so maybe I'll try there next time.

Craving muffins. 7 weeks until I can eat muffins.

This diet is taking longer than I thought it would, but it's worth it I suppose. It's really only hard when I see food commercials on TV or someone gets to eat something tasty in front of me. Boo.

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