Monday, August 27, 2012

This Fridge Is Totally Worth It

So I just kinda realized that I finished my finished finished...and didn't say anything. See? Depression.

So here's the truck pulling up for delivery:

Shiny new fridge:

Shiny new stove:

We already had the dishwasher, countertops, cabinets, etc.:

We got our new fridge and microwave installed (ignore the mess, please):

And the new stove:

THEY ALL MATCH. Everything is so beautiful. I'm really excited about this (well, as excited as you're going to get when you're depressed). I feel like we've accomplished something BIG.

Funny thing about the fridge: we measured it long before we bought it so we would be sure it would fit when we designed the cabinets and had the countertops installed. When they were installed, it looked like it was all installed properly, because the fridge we used to have was a smidge smaller than this new one, so of course it fit just fine.

Well, we went to put the new one in and it didn't fit. Like, at all. Cue panic. It turns out the countertop people installed it very slightly wrong...just wrong enough to make us freak out, apparently. What it took to get it to fit was everyone donning respirators or masks and Scott using his Skil saw to shave down the countertop,

then once he had gotten it shaved down as much as he could without damaging the cabinet, he sanded it, and then he spent probably 20 minutes shoving the damn thing in place. Let me tell you...if this thing ever needs servicing it better not need to come out because that thing is in there. It's funny now but at the time we just about had matching heart attacks.


Fuzzy Nipple said...

That was very scary shaving the counter top down.

kim said...

Your kitchen is so freaking beautiful. I'm jealous as hell.