Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A More Thorough Synopsis Of The Spinning Of Barbie

Here's another spinning update! Because that's all I ever do!

Here's how another one of the mini-braids spun up:

And the star of this post: Barbie! I asked Liz to make me a batt that was pink, gradiented, and sparkly. This is what she dyed and carded for me:

Let me tell you, after just spinning mini-batts and braids, this whole batt (and a smallish one, at that) seemed to take FOREVER. But I took lots of in-progress pictures, because I always intend to blog about all sorts of things, so I take lots of pictures. Anyway...

It got pretty heavy for the spindle, so I ended up splitting it up into two batches and then joining them together:

Here it is after I joined it and gave it a little vanilla-scented bath:

I hung it up to dry, borrowed Liz's niddy noddy the next day, and put it into a proper skein:

I have since bought my own niddy noddy so I can wind my own skeins. It's a shame how little of the sparkle I was able to capture on camera. It's so friggin' sparkly you'd die if you saw it in person.

2 comments: said...

ok, so in my absence you've developed another rock-star talent to be in awe of. nice work. :)

Anna W said...

You're back! I missed you so much!