Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some Days...

Some days...

...I dismiss my alarm instead of snoozing it, and wake up 40 minutes late, which leads to a rushed shower (no relaxing under the hot water) (no shaved underarms) (I know you wanted to know) and that apparently makes me cranky.

...I have to try so hard to not verbally rip everyone's head off, both at work and at home. Nobody deserves this, and there isn't even usually a reason (except wonky neurotransmitters, but you already knew about those).

...I am tempted to quit my job. It used to be so laid back, and now it just isn't. I'm busier, which is usually a good thing, but on days like today (where I'm emotionally trainwrecked and all I want to do is go home, fling myself on my bed, and sob uncontrollably for a few hours) it just seems to be too much. Which is sad, because I am Invincible Superchemist, and I'm supposed to be able to solve all chemistry problems without batting an eyelash. But some days, I tell you...

...I want everything, but nothing at the same time. Food, specifically. Nothing in particular today, but lately I've been wanting a certain food, and thinking about getting it, and then when I think about the effort involved in getting said food I stop wanting said food.

...I love Scott more than usual. This happens all the time; I love him more and more every day. But some days I notice it more. Usually, it's the days like today when I have to convince myself that I have wonderful things in my life and the world isn't going to end tomorrow. I look over at my Scott, and he smiles at me and says something silly, and I feel a bit better and count myself lucky to have him in my life.

...Buster needs a bath but refuses to be bathed. NAUGHTY.

...I have to rip out three rows of complicated lace knitting because I got distracted and skipped some stitches somewhere and I can't find them, but somehow the math just isn't adding up. RIIIIIIP! (Thank heaven for lifelines; I've been placing one every four rows out of sheer paranoia...)


Some days...


...I can't think of another positive thing to put here. I'll feel better tomorrow, I'm sure. 

(I just LOVE mood swings...)

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kim said...

BUSTER!!!! I can see him refusing to be bathed. He's a rascal, that one.

Some days do totally suck. I had a few of those earlier this week. Exhaustion took its toll and I got even crankier than usual. So I can totally relate.

You are a superchemist. And a super woman. Don't forget that.