Tuesday, February 14, 2012

But My Flowers Smelled Great!

Valentine's day. Good and bad. We'll start with the good...

Scott had these delivered to me at work on Thursday (a bit early, yes). My coworker brought them in and said, "What did he do?" Kinda funny. Anyway, it's all pink (favorite) with pearls (favorite). He's such a sweetheart.

Last year, or maybe the year before (I can't remember) I sent him a cookie bouquet, and although he loved it, it was rather expensive, and Scott doesn't like when I spend money on him like that. So this year I had a better idea.

I had a heart-shaped bacon pizza delivered to him the next day. Only $8, so he can't complain about that! He forgot to take a picture, sadly, but he liked it very much.

Okay...now the bad.

I got home from work, took a shower and put on a slightly nicer shirt and a necklace (fancy!), and we went out. It was only 5:30, so I thought that would be early enough to avoid most of the dinner crowd and we could have a nice dinner, just the two of us.

We drove over to Red Lobster, because crab legs are delicious and festive, and there wasn't even a parking spot open. So, still in the mood for crab, we drove over to McGrath's, where the lobby was so crowded I didn't even bother to ask how long the wait would be. So Scott and I thought that maybe we could go up the hill to the Chinese restaurant just south of the air force base, and it wasn't very crowded, so we thought we had found a good place. NOT.

We stood there in the lobby without anyone saying anything to us for a good fifteen minutes. A grunt of acknowledgement would have been nice. Anyway, we were finally seated...and then nobody came over (or, once again, even acknowledged our presence) for another twenty minutes. This seemed ridiculous, but there were a lot of people picking up carry-out orders, so we figured they were busier than they had planned for.

A woman finally came over to take our order, and we got our drinks almost right away, and my soup, but then we waited another fifteen minutes for our wontons to come out. They were delicious, so all was forgiven. Okay, not really, but they were awesomely delicious. Another fifteen minutes, and Scott's food came out...but mine didn't. For another fifteen minutes. I was hungry, so I picked at Scott's a bit, but by the time I got my food Scott was just about full, so I ate while he just kinda sat there and picked at his noodles.

We finished, and my food was delicious, but then, surprise, surprise, we waited for our check. Another fifteen minutes. Scott eventually got up and had to go to the kitchen to find someone to get us our check and some boxes. We boxed up our leftovers, went up front to pay, and left without leaving a tip.

Now, I used to be a waitress, so I know how difficult things can get, especially when you're busier than you anticipate and things are a little hectic. But when you don't even give a quick "I'll be with you soon" and just ignore your customers, you don't deserve to be tipped for the service you aren't giving. This is only the second time EVER I have not left a tip. The service was that bad.

But overall, we probably got out of there more quickly than we would have at Red Lobster...


Knight Rider said...

I eated too much. :-(

Anna W said...

At least the food was good...mine was, anyway.

kim said...

I had dinner with my mom on Valentine's Day and we almost went to Red Lobster. But the one by my house is notoriously busy, so I figured it would just be a cluster f*ck to try it on v-day.

Those flowers are gorgeous. I love the looks of stargazer lilies, but I'm allergic to them. So The Mister bought me some I could plant outside and that I don't have to live indoors with. They're pretty sturdy flowers.

Kwiddens said...