Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frederick Was A Hit!

Scott has spliced together a video with some of our Halloween stuff this year:

Here's the sad bit: we borrowed a night vision security camera from Scott's company and had it set up so we could record kids' reactions...but somehow it didn't record the whole night and missed the very best parts, such as the part where Scott jumped out from the fog and scared the crap out of some kids, one of whom screamed and ran away down the street. Yes. So this video is some of the other pictures and videos we took.

Kids are so cute on Halloween. One kid (five years old or so) saw the full-size candy bars and said "Where have you been all my life?!" Another, my friend L.'s kid (two year old girl) said "Bye, scary!" as she walked away like it was her friend.

At one point during the night we saw some people walk up to Frederick and have people take pictures of them with him. AWESOME.

So new things we added since last year:

Ghost in the front window (black lights and white tulle)
Creepy cloth on the front door and up the walkway
Orange lights across the front of the garage
Moss on the tombstones
Flashing lights with thunder sound effects

Next year we're thinking about building a creepy tunnel the kids have to go through to get to the door. We'll see what we come up with!

Quick rant: when I was a kid and we went trick-or-treating, we went to each house and got one small piece of candy. We hit lots of houses so we could end up with a large stash. ONE PIECE. So we handed out full-size candy bars, right? Several kids had the stones to ask, "How many can I have?" or "Can I take two?"

Greedy little bastards.


kim said...

This was totally awesome. I'm so jealous of your creativity.

Also, A BUSTER SIGHTING! I haven't seen his scruffy face in awhile. He probably digs that graveyard because of all the bones hanging out there.

Anonymous said...

to say y'all take halloween to a level unimaginable to me is an understatement. that is amazing.

Anonymous said...

SOOO awesome! I love the idea of having a tunnel. You're right about kids being greedy. Sheeeesh!