Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nyah's 1!

I can't believe it's been a year today since our pretty baby Nyah was born!

You'll have to forgive me; these pictures turned out grainy for who knows what reason.

Here's the beautiful birthday girl, wearing her crown, and her gorgeous mama:

Nyah got her very own carrot cake cupcake, which she enjoyed thoroughly (this baby loves vegetables!):

By the end, there was frosting all over her, and they had to change her into a completely new outfit (that I got her, yellow with a giant butterfly, and I forgot pictures, FAIL).

Anyway, we just had a little family party this past Saturday, and Mim brought her yummy marshmallow fruit salad, but added strawberries this time, which was AMAZING.


A picture of beautiful bebby in her little pool with her toys!

Also, I have an adorable video of her crawling around really funny, but she's nakie, so I'm not posting it here. Gotta protect her from the pervs! Message me your phone number on FB and I'll message it to you, if you want to see it :)


Anonymous said...

oh, my word, has it really been a year? happy birthday to the peanut! :)

Kim said...

Very cute! Happy birthday, Nyah!