Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On The Edge Of A Cliff

A while ago, Halloween weekend, in fact, Scott, Jon, Jorg and I went shooting. We drove up Farmington canyon until the poor little Focus got stuck in the snow, and found a perfect spot to set up targets.

I don't think Jorg had ever been shooting before, so Scott gave him a lesson in gun safety and then we all shot some rounds from each gun we brought, using old bottles as targets.

I was stupid and didn't account for the fact that if you drive up the elevation increases and the temperature decreases...so I didn't have a coat, but just a sweater. I got cold and went to sit in the nice, warm car after a while, and soon Jorg joined me. Even though it was cold, it was still fun.

On the way back down when we were finished I got a decent shot of the view over the valley. Utah is generally a pretty place, even when it's brown.

And, of course, because driving down narrow, slippery switchbacks all the way down the mountain wasn't scary enough, the boys all got out of the car and stood on the edge of a cliff and gave me an aneurysm. What you can't see in the picture is the dead cars at the bottom of the cliff. Yep.

But, nobody died, so I really can't complain.


magnolia said...

GAAAAH. i am NOT cool with driving in the mountains. when i used to drive across virginia to visit the ex when we were in undergrad, there was one big mountain i had to go over every time. it wasn't even a cliff or anything and it still freaked me out every time. you're brave for even going along with this...

Anna W said...

Yeah, I had a white-knuckled deathgrip on the handles in the car. It was scary, especially because it had snowed and melted and it was all slippery!