Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So we started the home renovation! We have everything laid out and budgeted in stages so that as we have the cash, we can complete another phase.

First phase was starting the demolition. We didn't demo everything yet, since we're not getting to the point yet where we need to rip out the floor or cabinets, but we figured something we could do for cheap in the middle of winter was rip out the wall between the living room and kitchen. It was super amazing to open the room up and see just how much room we actually had. When we finish everything it's all going to look great!

So here are some pictures and videos, in no particular order, about the demo process.

Here's where we had gotten quite far, and only had a little bit of the framework left:

Here's more toward the beginning, where we were ripping up all the stuff on the outside, like drywall and trim and the weird subfloor that was installed on top of the wall...we couldn't figure out why they would put subfloor somewhere that people weren't going to walk. Oh well.

The ceremonial picture of the first slice in the drywall. We needed to move the thermostat from the wall we were hacking down, so we needed to open up some holes so we could thread cables through. This hole has since been patched.

Here are some videos. Most of them show me trying to be handy but it doesn't really work. So far, I have made a very good assistant, and later on I will be the one to pick out paint colors, etc. But Scott is teaching me little things as we go. He does most of the work though, because he's a LOT stronger than I am.

BTW, I hate the way I look in these videos. I don't photograph well. Photos and videos make me look like I have a HUGE double chin. So just pretend that isn't there.

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Anonymous said...

Look at you guys! I'd never tackle something that big. I'm impressed!