Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Fun

So, it's been a while since I've written. It just seems like nothing is really happening worth mentioning. But, then I sit down to think about it, and that's not really true. I just don't know how interesting anyone else would find it!

So...we're going to Mim's for Christmas. Scott has to work Christmas Eve, but only until about noon, so after we will go down to her house. We will have Christmas Eve cheeseburgers as per tradition, and then we'll probably play games and stay up late and just have a blast hanging out with each other. Scott and I got awesome presents for Em and Jorg and Mim and we're just so excited for it all to come together!

So, big news! Not really. My instrument is acting screwy again. Yes, AGAIN. And, of course, my tech is on vacation this upcoming week...haha. I'm going to try to reprogram the darn thing on Monday, but we'll see if that actually works. But, I only have to work Monday and Tuesday this week, and then I get five days! Woo!

We had our company Christmas party on Friday, and I won a basket with all sorts of candy and goodies, and so I have eaten SO healthily this weekend...heh.

Here is a cute picture of Buster sticking his head out of the window:

It's been snowing! Finally! I've had to shovel four times, and it's still snowing, so I'll probably shovel again tomorrow! I know it's work, but I just love shoveling!

And Scott got me Jewel's and Sarah McLachlan's Christmas albums. Happy day!

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