Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Atkins and KBr

So I am getting into the rhythm at work. Monday I was a little out of it so I made a few mistakes but other than that everything turned out splendidly. Today I did all my stuff and was done a little early, so I read some literature about a patented way to measure percent chelation in a chelated mineral sample using an ICP and an FTIR. The problem is, we don't have the right equipment to use with our FTIR. We would need a die set, press, amalgamator, and the inner setup that allows for the use of KBr pellets. So, my task is to find a way to make it work without these extras, and I'm thinking it isn't going to work. Oh, well, something to work on while my 5 zillion samples run through the graphite furnace.

That is a very nerdy paragraph.

I'm on a regular sleep schedule now and I think that combined with the new diet (Atkins, or some personal variation thereon) is giving me a lot more energy. And, I got my logic puzzles in the mail yesterday so I am energetic and sharp as a tack. I could do those for hours. Actually, yesterday I did.

So I'm eating weird, since that's the definition of Atkins. It isn't so bad. Atkins makes some products that are portable, so I can take a shake or a bar to work for lunch. I also got lots of sugar free sodas, some sugar free candy, and string cheese. I love it. I did a test, and I'm already in ketosis, so I should start seeing some weight loss soon. I hope I lose a million.

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