Monday, January 23, 2012

Text Time 21

Me: I'm going to try to get to Knit Night early today. We'll see if Chemistry cooperates...
N.: You bend Chemistry to your will!
Me: I try to every damn day and somehow it just doesn't work that way...

Me: I'm taking a spinning class tomorrow!
Mim: Let me know how it goes. They're supposed to yield amazing results.
Me: I meant with a spindle!
Mim: Oh!

(Because spinning classes are the devil's handiwork and making yarn is just awesome)

Kwiddens: What is it called when you misplace your doobie?
Me: What?
Kwiddens: A dislocated joint

Kwiddens: On a weird note, I'm going to write a book called "Fissures Of Men"
Me: Haha, about what?
Kwiddens: I haven't decided. I just like the pun.

Me: You know, if anyone ever went through my text messages, they'd find out more than they ever wanted to know about your and my bowel habits and sex lives...
Kwiddens: Haha right? It's almost like an anti-theft thing.


Kim said...

Yeah...actual spinning class does sound like the Devil's handiwork. Sitting on a tiny bike seat and racing through imaginary space and time? No thanks.

Kwiddens said...

Haha spinning class!! Also, we're cool.