Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Intentional Chemical Burns

So yesterday I went into the doc to have him look at some ouches on my toes. I expected him to look and then schedule a surgery, but he did it right there! So, my toes are gross, and wrapped up and swollen, and it was fun to drive home yesterday without being able to feel most of my feet...Hello gas pedal! Hello brakes! I went to work today anyway, since I figured I could figure a way to be sitting most of the day, which I did successfully. Anyway, the procedure was pretty simple, since he just had to work on two of my toes. He got in there and basically gave me chemical burns with sodium hydroxide intentionally, and in specific places, and then put acid on it to neutralize it, and over the next two weeks it will heal and I won't have ingrown toenails any more. Hopefully. Crossing the fingers.

We had a lab meeting today, and they ordered Chinese food, and since I'm on Atkins I couldn't have any and I was so sad because it smelled ridiculously good. And everyone kept trying to get me to eat. It's getting really annoying telling people every single day that I can't have carbs. I explain what I can eat and what I can't, and people still ask every time, and are all like, why don't you eat, blah blah blah? People should mind their own business and stay out of it if they've been told ten times.

I did something difficult today. My boss was talking about a woman at my work yesterday. He was saying things about her weight and eating habits and how she's so fat, blah blah blah. Well, I overheard and was completely offended and very hurt. I mean, if that's how you feel about one fat person, is that how you feel about others? I'm overweight...I hope people don't talk about me behind my back. Anyway, I went into his office today to call him on it. I was so nervous...I didn't know how he would take it. For all I know, he could have gotten mad and said something mean. Anyway, I just went in and told him how I felt, and that it isn't fair to say things about a person behind his/her back, and how if she had heard it she would have been devastated. I said how I was overweight and have a sister who is overweight, and told him he can't understand what it's like, since he's never been overweight. For all we know she could have a thyroid problem or an eating disorder. You just never know. Anyway, he was very gracious about it. He said he wouldn't talk about it any more and that he was glad I was honest enough to just tell him.

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